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Wallmakers, a well known firm, led by the award winning Architect,  Ar.Vinu Daniel, uses mud and waste as chief components to make structures that are both utilitarian and alluring. Speaking the language of site and materials, the buildings are best suited to the maker, the user and the natural setting. 

2.Night Elevation-ink.jpeg


Iha Residence 

The Bamboo House in Trivandrum 

The design of this residence breaks the shackles of a lot of generic ideas. The main concern while designing was to avoid creating an environmental imbalance in the area as it was a low-lying region.

Wallmakers - Iha


Shikhara Residence

The Shuttered Debris House in Pothencode

Set against one of the silent hilltops of Trivandrum, the site was located at the highest point in that particular part of the woods. However, being a west facing site one would have to hold up a hand to shield their eyes from the harsh west sun. That ‘hand’ was reimagined as a slanting wall along the site giving birth to the concept of conceiving the residence as - Shikhara ( Peak)

15.Front View -ink.jpeg
Wallmakers - Shikhara
12. Night View-ink.jpeg


Pirouette House

The Fired Brick Residence in Trivandrum

The Pirouette House features the “Last of the Mohicans” fired bricks as an ode to the stellar practice of Laurie Baker with spaces that are made beautiful by the pure geometry and patterns created by the walls that seem to be coming alive and pirouetting around.

Wallmakers - Pirouette


Awad Interiors

Interiors of an Apartment in Trivandrum

Interiors done using scrap and recycled materials in an apartment in Pattom, Trivandrum. This is an example of well designed interior space letting the users enjoy all other amenities included in a condominium.

Wallmakers - Awad



Studied B.Arch 

Enrolled into Piloo Mody College of Architecture, Cuttack, Orissa.



Internship at Wallmakers

Joined as an intern in the prestigious architectural firm, Wallmakers, in Kerala

The projects displayed above are solely designed by Wallmakers. 

Since I was an integral part in the execution of these projects, I have showcased them here with due permission 

Milestones - My Journey so far.

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