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A Residence in Trivandrum

Set against one of the silent hilltops of Trivandrum, the site was located at the highest point in that particular part of the woods. The client was somebody who loved to travel and planned frequent escapades to distant lands, all over the country. The Himalayas had always caught his attention and intrigued him the most and he was lucky that his abode too would be just as reclusive, set into the lovely hilltop. However, being a west facing site one would have to hold up a hand to shield their eyes from the harsh west sun. That ‘hand’ was re-imagined as a slanting wall along the site giving birth to the concept of conceiving the residence as - Shikhara ( Peak)

The project displayed above are solely designed by Wallmakers. 

Since I was an integral part in the execution of these projects, I have showcased them here with due permission 

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